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Way to Qingchuan

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We took the train to Chengdu, it was the fast one, which brought us in 15 hours nearly 2000 km to the west of China. The cabin was surprisingly comfortable. But I couldn’t find much sleep anyway. Our “cabin mates” turned out to be very friendly to us.

When we finally arrived in Chengdu Maria’s and my path divided. We both got picked up by our teachers and they brought us to our schools. Maria’s is located near Chengdu (about 70 km south-west) and mine is 350 km north.

The accommodation is ok. It seems that the construction of the interior has not been fully completed. Pictures will follow soon, until I have a regular internet access…

I also was shown the school, where I’m going to work. The students are very shy but also very interested. Their behaviour is just cute!