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Chapter II – 第二章

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The summer vacation is almost at its end and autumn is getting closer. The first semester is definitely over now and changes came with the vacation. Our dormitory was almost empty at the beginning of the vacation but now it is filled up with people again. Almost four dozen new students brought new life into the empty halls. The nights are lively again as they used to be before the break.

September was the month of part-time job and Kanji. Trying to catch up what I was missing to join a higher language course I spent my free time to practice drawing the ancient characters radical by radical. Furthermore recent alterations in my health-related behaviour are torturing and blessing me at the same time and therefore many distractions are necessary. I also re-polished the blog theme and it is more gorgeous and flexible than ever (unless you’re using internet explorer).

Last week orientation sessions started again and with them the language placement was conducted. I successfully entered the aimed course and this semester will be dedicated to the Japanese language. Chapter II begins. 第二章開始.