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Year 2013

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It is difficult to summarize a whole year in one sentence. So I won’t do that. But it is a year which is marked with transitions in my life, but still leaves my status as a student unchanged.

Many things happened that I summarized for you:

  • Visited 6 countries (Japan, Korea, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong)
  • Experienced 9 takeoffs in an airplane
  • Moved 3 times
  • Finished my studies abroad
  • Was a best-man for the first time in my life
  • Continued my commitment in AIESEC (became a trainer and joined the National Support Team)
  • Started the final sprint for my bachelor thesis
  • Got a meaningful part-time job at the Red Cross
  • Still in a happy relationship

When I am thinking of the future it is hard to tell what 2014 will bring. But it is certain that I will finally graduate and from that moment on many opportunities await.

PS: I also finally finished the story of my bike trip through Korea and uploaded some pictures.