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In Hong Kong – 鬼佬喺香港

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After spending two days in Berlin I took my flight to Hong Kong via Moscow travelling for more than 18 hours and I finally arrived on 22nd of May in the Special Administrative Region. I was tired to death.

It is hot. Always around 30° Celsius – day and night. I like it, finally I don’t have to freeze anymore. However the heat requires me to sleep longer and when I wake up, I feel like as if a car had hit me several times during the night. But fresh and cold soy milk wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.

My new job already requires a lot of my attention, but it is very promising and I am very excited about the upcoming weeks.

The pictures show the view of the apartment where I am staying these days. It is a very fancy place and I enjoy staying here a lot.

View at Yau Tong (Panorama)
View at Yau Tong (Panorama)