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Way to Busan – 부산

·778 words·4 mins

South Korea – One More Time

·790 words·4 mins


Things you should do in Japan

·156 words·1 min

パウロ in Nagasaki

·239 words·2 mins

Fukuoka – 福岡

·312 words·2 mins

Hiroshima – 広島

·354 words·2 mins

Kyoto – Osaka – Kobe – (almost) Tokushima

·640 words·4 mins

Field Trip with Japanese High School Students

·385 words·2 mins

Vietnamese food

·395 words·2 mins

Cù lao Chàm

·504 words·3 mins

The Streets of Ha Noi

·340 words·2 mins

Arrival in Ha Noi

·120 words·1 min


Trip Through Qingchuan County and more

·601 words·3 mins

Visit at Guangyuan Vocational School and more

·292 words·2 mins

First day at school

·188 words·1 min

Yonghe Temple, Temple of Confucius & Wangfujing

·218 words·2 mins